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Want To Eat Better? Look Here

Change the way you look at food may help you eat better.

If you’ve made a resolution to lose weight this year, you’ve probably started hitting the gym and cutting calories.

But here’s something else that might help you hit your goals: mindful eating.

New research has found that mindfulness training may play an important role in helping people see lower numbers on their scale.

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Mindfulness and diet

Mindfulness is a practice that helps people develop “awareness and acceptance” of challenging experiences, along with more control over their reactions and behaviors.

While not exclusively used for weight loss, mindfulness can curb behaviors that may contribute to higher numbers on the scale, such as emotional eating, feelings of defeat, and self-criticism.  The Best Matte Lipsticks Under $30

Changing your mindset around food is critical to maintaining weight loss for the long term. Wellness and weight management program puts a heavy emphasis on helping participants develop a healthy mindset.

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Improving your health 

Regardless of the relationship it has to weight loss, mindfulness can improve your health in a variety of ways.

There’s a preponderance of evidence that mindfulness helps all kinds of things, like vitality, stress relief, and confidence. It’s consistent in the wellness journey and it pays off both on and off the scale.

Want to learn how to practice mindfulness? 

The best way to learn is through a structured program, such as the three-minute introduction to meditation, or through workshops and classes.

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