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5 Useful Health Resolutions For 2019

Now’s the time to welcome a fresh year to become ever more healthy, awesome, and powerful than you already are. 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods On the Earth

Here we’ve got a short list of  5 resolutions to choose from. Consider these doable, affordable, and health-minded — not quick fixes!

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1. Create different fitness goals for each month

Instead of making one broad fitness-themed resolution — like “improve cardiovascular health” or “get stronger” — Adele Jackson-Gibson, CrossFit L1 Trainer and fitness writer, recommends mini goals.

Make a plan broken down into steps or a mini-goal that you can achieve each month. By breaking it down into shorter bits, you’ll find that you’re more oriented to get things done. 5 Best Foods To Eat In The Morning

For example, maybe in January your goal is run 50 total miles, but in February your goal is to learn how to squat snatch with an empty barbell. The more specific the better.

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2. Pack your gym bag the night before

Mentally preparing to hit the gym is half of the battle. Physically preparing is the other half. That’s why Jackie Stauffer, founder of clean beauty brand for athletes, Recess, suggests packing your gym bag the night before.

Remember to pack a snack, some wet wipes and dry shampoo, an extra pair of socks and underwear, earbuds, and a change of clothes.

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3. Start keeping a fitness journal

No matter what you see online, fitness is ultimately a personal journey. From start to finish, the journey can bring up a lot of emotions, realizations, and doubts.

Keeping a fitness journal because this will help you hone your relationship to exercise, and turn it into a lifestyle. How To Treat Muscle Soreness After Exercise?

Right after your workout, once you’ve caught your breath, write how you feel. Do you feel strong? Do you feel inspired? Do you feel motivated? Or do you feel tired?

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4. Download a fitness app

Getting in a quick seven minutes of workout will be much easier if you have a go-to fitness app on your phone.

If you need a little audio motivation while you’re traveling to get out and run, there’s an app for that, too. Plus, notifications can be a really useful automatic reminder.

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5. Work out outside, if possible

Skip the post-NYE gym rush and instead take your workout to the playground or outdoor track. Being outside, especially during the winter, will invigorate you.

In fact, outdoor exercise was associated with greater decreases in confusion, anger, and depression when compared to indoor activity. Plus, it will help you realize just how easy it is to move more anywhere.

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